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Solar Eclipse and Mt. Wilson Adventure

A partial solar eclipse occurred on Saturday, October 14th 2023. I bought a solar filter and cut it to fit around my Pentax 150-300mm lens to see what I could photograph of this special event!

This shot is a more stopped down version. You can see a tiny sunspot near the top of the sun!

This shot includes a reflection of the light in my filter. I like that it gives a ghostly effect.

After the eclipse, Brent and I adventured out to Mt. Wilson since he had never been, and it's been a while since I have explored the telescopes and read about the history of the area.

The 150 ft. solar tower. This telescope researched solar rotation, sunspot polarities, daily sunspot drawings, and many magnetic field studies.

Two towers of different kinds. :)

The 100 inch telescope! This telescope was used by Edwin Hubble. Hubble was able to prove that the Universe extends beyond the Milky Way galaxy, and that several nebulae were millions of light-years away. He then showed that the universe was expanding.

Brent shooting the telescope inside the dome.

A burned tree on a trail.

A view of hazy Los Angeles.


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