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flight path romance

One evening, I was driving down Vineland Avenue in the San Fernando Valley when I saw a plane fly directly over the road- an arrival at the Hollywood/Burbank airport. I thought, wow, that would make an incredible photograph.

I'd been following valley photographer Dima Otvertchenko (@bluehourvalley on Instagram) for a while and invited him to meet me to shoot this subject. We met at the Sherman Way bridge to start. I had an idea to shoot a blurred shot of a plane over the 170 right at sunset.

From here, we moved to the Vineland crossing through the airport.

I decided to make the edits dreamlike, with pink highlights and blue midtones.

The final shot of the evening was my favorite, this Southwest 737 flying directly over me. The jet engines were deafening, so I will always bring earplugs when I do this. But I'm so proud of this shot and edit with the pink highlights.


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