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Would you believe that its possible to shoot anamorphic on an iPhone? Would you believe it could be done for less than $3k? Your comments inspired what you're about to see. There's so much that goes into creating a beautiful cinematic image besides what camera is used on set, and we really wanted to push the limits of new tech in a way that hasn't really been done before. We put the gear together, built the set, and put the iPhone to the test. Learn all about how we did it, the cost of every piece, and more about what it takes to create a successful image. Ask your questions and let us know if YOU would try this in the comments!

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Director: Michael Cioni

DP: Shannon Stutenroth

Producer: Pete Cioni

Line Producer: Margot Bradshaw

Production Designer: Amalia Romploulias

Editor: Andrea Otto

Motion Graphics: Andre Castro

Gaffer: Jacob Abrams

Key Grip: Nick Lundstrom

Swing: Ryan A. Hueter

Sound: Fletcher Alliston

Leadman: Roman Salcedo

Art Assistant: Jordan Stringfield

Camera Operator: JP Dellanno

1st AC: Amritha Mary

2nd AC: Martin Velasquez

BTS Video: Clyde Bessey

BTS 1st AC: Tyler Beckerman

BTS Photographer: Lorelei Rubik

Special thanks to 

Dan at Atlas Lens Co



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