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I am a content creator with a passion for brands that have a voice in the world. 

A master of many trades, I have a single goal:

to create captivating content that delivers functional results.

In the modern advertising world with a constantly changing algorithm, where many see a challenge, I see an opportunity. It begins with your brand and creating the story that reaches the people who need your product. 

I am the bridge that fills that gap. 

From start to finish, that involves conceptualizing, filming, photographing, designing, scheduling, and analytics. My most recent project involved creating social posts that have reached over 700k accounts, with over 1 million views, impressions, and follower account that grew over 90%.

Telling the visual stories of people and nature have always fueled my creative spirit, be it in a photograph, motion picture, or a painting. I grew up drawing and taking photos with film, both things I still do today.

While in film school, I took a particular interest in cinematography and editing. Once I graduated in 2013, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career in media creation.

I most recently produced media content for brands under Henkel and L'Oreal. Prior to that, I completely rebranded for the guitar string company, Cleartone Strings. I've also worked with companies such as Nikon, Samsung, Tinder, and YouTube, along with various musicians, models, and influencers, creating photo and video content for promotions. 

I like to give a creative and professional tone to my work.

It's important to me to have a fun and productive time on set, while helping talent feel comfortable and confident.

In my free time, I enjoy learning new media creation skills, digital painting, playing guitar, shooting medium format photography, and exploring the beautiful nature that southern California has to offer.

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Images by Conner McCrea

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