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Michigan City Trip - October 2019

Here's a small gallery of my most recent trip to my hometown - Michigan City, Indiana, in early October.

All shot on my Canon 5D Mark III and Zeiss 50mm 1.4.

A very windy day at Washington Park.

One of my best friends, Michael Kucharski, hosting open mic at Zorn Brewery off of Michigan Boulevard.

There's nothing like spending mornings at Mike's house in Trail Creek.

Tunes, coffee, conversation.

A few days before I left, I decided to take a walk around downtown Michigan City and capture some of the old buildings. Living in Los Angeles, you don't see buildings like this, and I always appreciate the patina and architecture of the area.

Snowstorms take their toll on everything from murals painted upon brick to old South Shore Line railroad signs.

I also drove up to South Haven, Michigan to visit my amazing aunt and uncle, and see their new house.

My aunt is the most incredible interior designer.

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