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The Discovery of Scratchy

So this is my first blog post on my website. This is going to be pretty random, I suppose, but I figured I'd start now rather than never.

This weekend, Conner and I decided to visit a camera shop in Sherman Oaks called Harry's Camera. Conner had been wanting an old lens to take apart just to see what's inside and experiment with putting it back together. I asked the salesman there if he had any old junk lenses, and he handed me this old, dusty, scratched up Vivitar 135mm 2.8 and told me I could have it.

We then decided to head to Starbucks (pretty boring Saturday, I know) because we had nothing better to do really. I grabbed the lens from the car and decided to stick it in front of my iPhone. The resulting photos had a pretty cool effect. I opened my VSCO app, pointed the phone at Conner's pretty blue eyeballs, lens in left and phone in the right, and told him to sit still.

I made sure the lens was wide open and snapped these. You can see the reflections of the lights behind me as the little bokeh spots speckling the upper black part of the photo.

We then went to get some hookah at Pyramido in North Hollywood. I was bored as always as Conner is entertained by watching sports, so I went and grabbed the lens again.

I'm really loving this new little combination. Old, scratchy lens (that I will now call Scratchy because I have a thing for naming lenses) plus moody lighting plus IPhone. Most of my mobile photography is posted on my VSCO site here:

I was also thinking of shooting a short film like this. Who knows, maybe I'll be inspired enough to write something soon.

I'm also going to start posting about my photoshoots here, for anyone who might be interested. I might come back and post about some past shoots too.

Until the next post!


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