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Falling Springs

Recently, I realized I hadn't touched my camera in about two months.

Kinda crazy to think about, but it makes sense. Three major things happened in that time. I started a new job, I got in a car accident that cost about $1k in repairs, and last weekend I was a runway hair model for my first big hair show with a fantastic company called Eufora. Ahh the hectic happenings.

So yesterday, I suggested to Conner that we take a trip out to the Bridge to Nowhere. I've tried to go out there before with a friend, but when we finally got close, the sun had started to set.

My friend, Will, on our first trip to the Bridge to Nowhere.

Dusk setting in soon after we started our attempt at the hike. (35mm Kodak Portra)

This time, I wasn't particularly determined on finding the bridge, I just wanted to get out of the city and see those misty mountains again.

We packed the car up with our cameras, including Conner's Mamiya, a borrowed old Nikon 35mm, and my 5D. After a stop by McDonald's for his classic Caramel Frappe and some chicken chicken nuggets for me, we tried to find the Bridge in Waze without success. I noticed a place near the bridge called Falling Springs. A quick google search told me that Falling Springs is a ghost town in the mountains overgrown by forest. Of course the adventurist in me was somewhat screaming hell yes, ghost town.

Well when we arrived, it was exactly what the internet had said it was. Just forest. So we turned around and made some stops on the highway back from our destination. Here are some of the captures of this lovely place.

Our first stop where Falling Springs used to be. The highest elevational point of our journey, and also the point where it started to rain, a lot. Our cameras quickly became soaked. As did we, but, cameras.



This next stop was a bit lower at the entrance of a campground with trees. This place was magical and full of mystery to me. I want to come back here and explore more.


Our last stop, the midwesterners mountains.


field claws.

I'll be posting our film shots here soon.

Thanks for reading.

View full size photos below:

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