• Lorelei Rubik

night walk

This gallery features 35mm Cinestill 800 and 120 Fuji Pro 400H, both pushed one stop.

Shot in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

it's on these nights, I can't sleep.

so I drive.

and even in the darkest allies, the filth, the grime

she still finds a way to infect my mind.

she's the ghost in the passenger seat

silently singing to me

why won't she leave me?

it's on nights like these, I can't sleep

so I walk the streets.

the loneliness echoes with my footsteps


this caffeine fueled heart murmur

there's nothing better to do

than that which makes me less.

the desire, and almost, instinct

to care for others who don't return the sentiment

is sometimes... overwhelming.

my mind calls it ridiculous.

overwhelming. and hard to resist sometimes.

what can I do to ease your pain?

what can I do?

and then I realized,

I might never hear from her again.

and I had to come to terms with that.

I don't pray to anything,

but this time I prayed to anything

and I said, please, no matter what else may happen to me

may I never become so bitter

may I never

become so entirely bitter


the angel, the taste of sanctuary

I thought

about him

and all the people that I've met with kindness in their hearts.

I thought of how we are the product

the result

of the places we have been

the people we've chosen to listen to

the lessons we opened our hearts for

to learn.

the thoughts we chose to think about




until we came up with a better solution

or just a better thought.

the days we decided to swim against

the tide

the days we chose to take

the long way home

when we chose to listen to that moment of silence

and live within it.

there are many different roads that lead to many different places,

places you've never been.

many have dead ends, but you can sometimes turn around

and find another that will lead you to another new place.

our loneliness caught in the fires of passion

your logical mind behind a veil of desire

the songs that play the strings of your heart

what greater purpose is there

than to romanticize this life?

what more?

the reasons why knock at the door

but we are never


the asphault brings no relief tonight,

a place where a million miles of rubber has tread

my veins, a highway of their own

my heart, a city on fire

if I saw you on the street,

would I have you in my dreams tonight?

the key

to what could have


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